AGESTOP SWITZERLAND was established by Lilia Bassi in 2015 Zug Switzerland, after 15 years of managing cosmetic research projects in Australia, US and UK.

AGESTOP SWITZERLAND produces results driven skincare products of exceptionally high standards, by utilising scientifically proven and internationally acclaimed Swiss ingredients and award winning Swiss formulating technologies – pioneering in Stem Cell, Peptide, Bio Mimetic and Cellular Renewal Science for all skin types, races, ages and genders.

AGESTOP SWITZERLAND products originated through collaboration with internationally acclaimed Swiss skincare research laboratories, engaged by the brand to successfully develop exclusive formulas meeting the highest demands of the international clientele undergoing treatments in
Swiss clinics, spas, salons and dermatological practices.

AGESTOP SWITZERLAND products are 100% exclusively developed and made in Switzerland, reflecting ​Precision, Purity and Impeccable Quality synonymous with Switzerland.

AGESTOP SWITZERLAND is committed to continuously promoting the development of the Swiss Cellular Therapy which has been scientifically proven to help improve the production of collagen and elastin, by strengthening the skin cell`s membrane for stronger defence system – helping our clients achieve: Beautiful Skin for Life!

AGESTOP SWITZERLAND products include high-performance, scientifically proven, Swiss cosmetic ingredients originally transformed from naturally derived plant and marine compounds which undergo
an exclusive Swiss nano-polymeric encapsulation process to guarantee optimum bioavailability and thus ensure maximum effectiveness of our products.

AGESTOP SWITZERLAND engages Swiss GMP and ISOO900 manufacturing
facilities with over 50 years of cosmetic production excellence.

All Swiss ingredients present in our products include scientifically proven biochemical concepts and extensive in vitro and in vivo clinical studies. In addition we have scientific publications and patents
in place which further support the efficacy of the Swiss ingredients and Swiss formulating
technologies utilised by our products.

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